Sarah Connell

Sarah is a landscape artist from Manchester England. Sarah paints emotive landscapes inspired by the atmospheric Peak District National Park and Northern townscapes such as Manchester and Stockport on her doorstep. Sarah describes her process as “painting the light, atmosphere and emotion in a scene rather than just the objects within it”. Sarah enjoys the work of the Scottish Colourists, Tonalists, John Singer Sargent, Contemporary Impressionists, Plein Air painters, semi-abstract landscapes and the Northern School of art from her home town of Manchester. “I think my work takes a little from all these movements and hopefully combines them in such a way that lets the viewer see not only an atmospheric landscape but also how I felt when I painted the scene. I come across viewers who look at my paintings and can tell me how I felt when I painted a scene, this always takes my breath away!

The Soden Collection is privileged to commission a series of paintings of Shrewsbury by Sarah. Jonathan the gallery owner says “Sarah’s style really depicts Shrewsbury really very well. Her use of light is excellent and I am very excited about adding more and more scenes from our town from Sarah to the gallery.

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