Harry Brioche

Harry Brioche

Born in the Seychelles in 1965, Harry Brioche is of Creole and American parentage. He had a wonderful childhood growing up on the island of Mahe until his family was forced to flee in 1977 following a coup d’état.

Harry Brioche attended Art College, but after being given an ultimatum to confirm with the college’s style and painting methods or leave, he decided to strike out on a career in illustration and graphic design. He went on to have great commercial success setting up his own company and working with global brands, such as Coca Cola, BAE Systems and Doc Martens. In terms of his painting, Harry is largely self-taught.

Harry is fascinated by the beauty of the English landscape with its ever-changing weather patterns and atmospheric conditions, which are in sharp contrast to the tropical idyll of his youth. It is this atmosphere and mood created by the light which is his inspiration and which he portrays so well in his pictures, showing the spirit of a landscape or scene.

Harry Brioche exhibits widely and his work can be found in collections around the world.

Artworks by Harry