Cristobal Perez Garcia

: (b.1976)
Cristobal Perez Garcia

Cristobal Perez Garcia was born 1976 in Álora, Malaga, Spain.

Cristobal graduated in Fine Arts with a Major in Painting and Sculpture from the University of Granada, Spain.

His focus is land and sea, where he sees this theme as the core of his work. Light plays an important part of his practise where the specs of bright whites and yellows can convey a sense of being, emotion, nature and a moment. It can also be a reflection of past present and future.

These realism works of art are emotive and bring either a sense of wonderment or calm to the viewer, a rare quality. They conjure up emotions connected to the sea whether it be calm or a sense of agitation of swells.

Artworks by Cristobal