British Contemporary Art in Shrewsbury

British Contemporary Art in Shrewsbury

I am so pleased to be able to introduce some fantastic British Contemporary Art into Shrewsbury.

There are some great Galleries here in Shrewsbury but in fairness I have never found anything I really wanted to spend my hard earned money on. So I have bought this collection together that includes some stunning British Contemporary Art that I truly would spend my money on!

One being George Morton-Clark! I think his work is stunning. When I first saw his work I was so moved by the emotion in which he paints.

I went to the RA to see the Abstract Expressionists Exhibition earlier this year and I came across Joan Mitchel. As I stood infant of this paintings I was in tears because I  believed i felt her emotion as she painted it. It will forever strike a cord with me!

This is the same emotion I felt when i first saw George Morton-Clark. His way of painting is so expressive. Not only is he a great artist but he is also really nice guy!

I thoroughly recommend having a look at the work on the website!


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