Salvador Dali Arrives in Shrewsbury: A Celebration of Dali’s Art


The vibrant town of Shrewsbury has become an artistic hub with the arrival of the Dali Universe, showcasing extraordinary sculptures by the legendary surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. As part of the renowned Shrewsbury Arts Trail, this captivating exhibition promises to captivate art enthusiasts and ignite their imagination.

In exciting news, the Soden Collection, a prominent contemporary art gallery, has secured a UK Exclusive collaboration with the Dali Universe, offering art enthusiasts a rare opportunity to own limited edition prints by Salvador Dali. Let’s dive into the world of Dali’s masterpieces and explore the captivating prints now available for purchase at the Soden Collection.

  1. Alive in Wonderland: Experience the whimsical and enchanting realm of Salvador Dali’s “Alive in Wonderland” print. Drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s iconic tale, Dali transports us to a surreal world where reality intertwines with imagination. The intricate details and vibrant colors invite us to explore the depths of Dali’s creative mind.
  2. Hommage to Fashion: Dali’s “Hommage to Fashion” print is a striking tribute to the world of haute couture. With his characteristic flair for surrealism, Dali weaves together elements of fashion and fantasy, creating a visual symphony of elegance and extravagance. This artwork is a testament to Dali’s ability to blur the boundaries between art and fashion.
  3. Surrealist Piano: Prepare to be mesmerized by Dali’s “Surrealist Piano” print. This captivating artwork showcases Dali’s fascination with the subconscious mind, as the piano transforms into a surrealistic landscape of dreamlike elements. The fusion of reality and fantasy evokes a sense of mystery and invites us to explore the depths of our own imagination.
  4. Dance of Time: In “Dance of Time,” Dali captures the essence of movement and the fluidity of time. Through his signature melting clocks and dynamic composition, Dali challenges our perception of reality and invites us to contemplate the fleeting nature of existence. This print embodies Dali’s mastery of surrealism and his ability to provoke introspection.
  5. Lady Godiva: Dali’s “Lady Godiva” print pays homage to the iconic historical figure. With his distinctive style, Dali reimagines the tale of Lady Godiva, infusing it with his surrealistic vision. The print exudes elegance and grace while retaining Dali’s signature elements of the unexpected, making it a captivating addition to any art collection.

The collaboration between the Dali Universe and the Soden Collection brings a remarkable collection of limited edition prints to art enthusiasts in the UK. Salvador Dali’s captivating works, including “Alive in Wonderland,” “Hommage to Fashion,” “Surrealist Piano,” “Dance of Time,” and “Lady Godiva,” allow us to immerse ourselves in the surreal world of one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Visit the Soden Collection and witness the magic of Dali’s art, as these exclusive prints are now available for purchase, offering a unique opportunity to own a piece of Dali’s visionary legacy.


Click here to view the entire collection of prints alongside two original drawings which are available to purchase. 


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