Hugh Chapman

38cm (h) 6.5cm (w) 5.5cm (d)
Polished Bronze
Edition of 9

Hugh Chapman

Hugh Chapman, born in 1986, is a self-taught sculptor working from his studio in West Sussex.


Chapman, with great patience and skill, hand-forms his originals, which are of a quality rarely seen in contemporary sculpture.


Based on years of experience in photography, these originals are made with a mind to how light will interact with their surface. Careful consideration is given to the ultimate choice of which material should be used.


Refined over a decade of experience; line, light, and form are the tools Chapman uses to create a physical language through which to express


His work focuses on the importance of beauty. During a difficult time, after a serious illness, he feels that surrounding himself in the natural world saved his life.  His appreciation of the beauty of the natural world was initially pursued though photography. Observation and emotions have formed the backbone of his creative thinking and passion, and is the driving force behind his bold and dynamic abstract sculpture.


“I am fascinated by  nature’s rhythms and systems, its beauty of line and form and dynamics.  It is with these feelings that I express myself though abstracted ideas which are really an emulation of how I feel, rather than a direct response to any real world form.”  Hugh Chapman


These feelings, observed during his journey of hopeful recovery, would not only shape the physical aspects of his work but its conceptual intentions.


“It is impossible for me to view anything without sculptural consideration.  I am driven to make work  that has a positive psychological impact.  It should challenge, complement, and align with the world around us in a positive way.  It’s a quest for a sense of harmony and solace that I find in the beauty of nature.” Hugh Chapman


This quote by the late British philosopher, Roger Scruton, really represents Chapman’s feeling of the positivity of beauty to humanity.

“Through the pursuit of beauty we shape the world as a home and, in doing so, we both amplify our joys and find consolation for our sorrows.” Roger Scruton


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