OH NO! Who did that?!?

The Doodle Boy aka Joe Whale

91.5 x 61cm
Marker on Ripped Canvas

The Doodle Boy aka Joe Whale


Joe, at the age of 12 has already sprung to international success! Joe started drawing in the doodle/cartoon style when he was only 6 years old and his words:

“I absolutely LOVE it”.

Joe has illustrated books for Scholastic (Who bought us books such as Harry Potter) This won’t be his only book as there are a few more planned for 2022!

With a platform not only here in the UK but internationally, Joe wants to spread joy and happiness with his doodles.

The Soden Collection is privileged to be part of Joe’s journey and especially the journey that now takes him into the world of contemporary art! We held his first ever solo show in 2021, which saw paintings being bought and sent all over the world. Even international artist and collector, Mr. Doodle (aka Sam Cox) even bagged himself an original Joe Whale.

“I get my inspiration from my surroundings and that means I can create endless characters and in my head, I can see them all come to life – this really makes me really happy and smile.

I would encourage EVERYONE to embrace art and creativity and have a go at creating your own characters – it’s really fun!!!”

– Joe Whale aka The Doodle Boy

Everyone at the Soden Collection couldn’t be happier to see Joe’s success at such an early age.

View The Doodle Boys available work here: View Work

The Doodle Boy had the canvas delivered to his studio and the package had damage to it. He thought it was cool and decided rather than send it back, to make a doodle out of it, and here it is!


Note: The canvas does have rips and this is part of the artwork. (Please see images)


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