Crack Down! (Prestel 47), 1986

Keith Haring

56 x 43.5cm
Offset lithograph printed in colours on wove paper.

Keith Haring

Bridging the gap between the art world and the street, Keith Haring rose to prominence in the early 1980s with his graffiti drawings made in the subways and on the sidewalks of New York City. Combining the appeal of cartoons with the raw energy of Art Brut artists like Jean DuBuffet, Haring developed a distinct pop-graffiti aesthetic centered on fluid, bold outlines against a dense, rhythmic overspread of imagery like that of babies, barking dogs, flying saucers, hearts, and Mickey Mouse. In his subway drawings and murals, Haring explored themes of exploitation, subjugation, drug abuse, and rising fears of nuclear[…]

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Haring designed for the 1986 “Crackdown on Crack” concert in New York City. The concert was organised by famed concert promoter and producer Bill Graham to raise funds to combat the crack-cocaine epidemic in New York.

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Crack Down! (Prestel 47), 1986, Keith Haring

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