Friday 28th January 2022

"Deaf like Beethoven, Blind like Cézanne" - Endre Roder


"Deaf like Beethoven, Blind like Cézanne" - Endre Roder

Friday 28th January - 5th February 2022

The Soden Collection is very excited to announce the exhibition and release of the film:


“Deaf like Beethoven, Blind like Cezanne”


A fascinating film into the life and work of the celebrated artist, Endre Roder.


We shall be screening this special film on Friday 28th January at the VIP preview of the exhibition.


There shall also be a very special gift from Endre Roder for everyone who attends!


Endre Roder, born 1933 in Budapest, grew up in Malta and later moved to England where he became a tutor of Fine Art and a full time artist in his 50s. Now in his late 80s, Roder is still gracing us with his powerful portraits and paintings of the mystical land, “Yvs”.


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For more information please contact the gallery:


[email protected]


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