To celebrate The Doodle Boy’s second solo exhibition at the Soden Collection we have collaborated with the Shrewsbury Arts Trail and have hidden 15 “Shadow Doodles” all over Shrewsbury. 


Although we have give you the locations, they might not be as easy as you think to spot them so don’t forget to look, up, around and possibly inside to find them!

When you have found your favourite Shadow Doodles, take a picture and share it with us and we will share it on our social media, make sure you tag us in @sodencollection & @thejoewhale


We might even add you to our hall of fame right here on the website!

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You are in a very unique position to be able to purchase the original Shadow Doodles!

What are the Shadow Doodles?

These delightful creatures are The Doodle Boy’s  new creation, The Shadow Doodles.


The creation of the Shadow Doodles can be seen as a turning point in Joe’s artistic journey.


As he honed his skills and developed a unique artistic style, he found that his intricate doodles took on a life of their own when bathed in the gentle illumination of a desk lamp in his room.


Replicas of the original doodles are now hiding in the shadows in some of the most prominent locations around Shrewsbury!


How many have you been able to spot?

Here are the participating locations:


1 – Pockets, The Square

2 – The Museum & Art Gallery

3 – Carvell on the Square

4 – College Hill

5 – The Market Hall

6 – Roushill 

7 – Darwins Shopping Centre

8 – The Library 

9 – The Castle

10 – Shrewsbury Art & Crafts

11 – No.4 Butchers Row

12 – St Alkmunds Church

13 – Acoustic Boutique, High Street

14 – The Soden Collection, Wyle Cop

15 – Oberon, Wyle Cop

To be featured on the Hall of Fame please send in your photo’s or tag @sodencollection on instagram.



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