Joan Miró and Torres Clavè

Joan Miró was a leading Surrealist and pioneer of Automatism, known for his intricate compositions and a wandering linear style. Objects from the artist’s imagination were often juxtaposed against basic, yet recognisable, forms and he was known to work with a limited palette, with colours being both bold and expressive. Ultimately his life goal was […]

Understanding the Abstract, With Paintings by Ian Rayer-Smith

Abstract art is often a misunderstood concept and, at times, it can be difficult to analyse successfully. Despite sometimes sharing similar visual elements, abstraction is undoubtedly diverse in its intent. Abstract art is defined by Tate as ‘art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality’. Shapes, colours, forms and […]

Introducing, New Contemporary Artist, Sam Pooley-Stride to the Gallery

Soden Collection is now representing contemporary and abstract artist Sam Pooley-Stride. Sam came to painting late, having worked through a range of media to discover a form of communication that truly challenged and moved her. After moving to Shrewsbury, Sam returned to her own creative needs and studied Fine Art at Birmingham School of Art. […]

Abstract Artist, Sam Pooley-Stride’s Latest Exhibition “Seas Of The Moon Too”

In July 2021, Sam Pooley-Stride unveiled Seas Of The Moon exhibition inspired by the Lunar Maria. Using a range of media and techniques, from delicate watercolours to heavy acrylics and from graphic circles to vibrant strokes, the collection explored the notion of perceiving something in nothing.    ‘Gaze up at the moon and, set against […]

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