Jacob Chandler

Jacob Chandler

Jacob Chandler work focuses on the most dramatic point of an action, be it physical or mental. This tipping point resonates, as after being forced to defer his formal study of architecture by ill health, the tide turned and his passion became a career. This reversal of fortunes led Chandler to work directly with industry experts, from CAD and manufacture to gallerists and other successful artists.

Due to this unconventional route into the art world, the techniques employed are unusual, with fabrications from wooden panels and the use of sand-able resin to form the crisp edged, smooth faced, multi faceted sculptures that define his motif. Chandler’s unique style has led to recognition in the art world and within just a few years working professionally he has exhibited in capital cities across the globe, been highly commended by Royal societies and is currently undertaking two major public commission and a three meter tall private commission. The inspiration for his works come from the greats of figurative sculpture, from Subirachs and Naum Gabo with their geometric portrayals to Giacometti and the Futurists with their desire to capture movement.

“Being self-taught has allowed me to gain mentorship from artists and sculptors across the country, who have successful full-time careers. It has also given me the opportunity to forge working relationships with leading industry experts in metal fabrication, computer-aided design and manufacture and galleries. This informs my practice in a direct and dynamic way as when new technologies become available I am best placed to capitalise on the new artistic freedom they provide.”

View Jacob Chandler available work here: View Work

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