3 Ways to Improve Your Home Office

3 Ways to Improve Your Home Office

3 Ways to Improve Your Home Office

As a nation we are spending more time working from home (April 2020 it was 86% more people) How are you finding it? Have you redecorated every room in the house? I HAVE!

Due to the amount of time spent inside, it’s important to consider how a few things can help improve your home office which will also have a huge impact on your mental health. 

The better we feel indoors, the better our wellbeing. There are many things that can be done to your interiors that will have a positive effect on your mind and performance while working.

1. Go with a Minimalist Design Style

Minimalist designs build on the concept of ‘less is more.’ Declutter! It really does help. A no mess desk policy is also a great idea for creating a clear mind, sometimes it is impossible but try it when you can!

Once your office is decluttered, you start to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the aesthetics that are in place. It puts a greater emphasis on what is there, rather than what isn’t, creating a calming and peaceful space. And let’s face it, with spending the amount of time we do in our homes, how attractive does a minimalist design have!?

2. Introduce Elements of Nature

We are not designed to stay in doors as much as we currently do. Albeit some of us are enjoying spending more time at home but there are few ways to help and elevate the space even further.

Many studies have shown how plants help reduce stress levels and anxiety. Plant-life can even boost our cognitive ability, which is why the trend is proving popular in home office spaces.

Small changes such as having a few houseplants or a window box installed can greatly improve mental health. They also add a touch of colour to a space and can help make an area seem lighter when placed strategically.

3. Add a Little Bit of Luxury 

I did some research on the benefits of art in the office, and the reasons commonly cited for having it involve:

Boosting creativity – It can interest and inspire certain artistically oriented individuals who will find the artwork a pleasure to be around.

Helping reduce stress – The relaxing, contemplative aspects of art can help lower the stress levels of what we all recognise can be a high-stress setting.

Creating culture  – By having art and sculpture in the home office it can improve working culture itself. It leaves a lasting impression both on you and obviously those who you speak to on those Teams and Zoom calls during the week! 

Art is also important in the branding of a company’s image as well as creating a pleasant and inspiring environment for yourself.

It’s less about aesthetics and more about pride in one’s environment.

I shall be writing another article about art in the workplace but I thought that this was more timely as we are spending so much time in our home offices at the moment.

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